About Gail

Haile Fine Photography is owned and operated by Gail S. Haile.  Until October of 2012, the business was known as Portraits by Gail and concentrated on the creation of portraits.  The change in name reflects the shift to Fine Art images.

Reading an article recently about Thomas Merton, a famous theologian who was introduced to photography rather late in his life, I loved the way he described the camera and what it can do:

“The camera is the most eager and helpful of all beings, all full of happy suggestions.  Reminding me of things I have overlooked and cooperating in the creation of new worlds.”  

That is exactly how I see my work with a camera and all the wonderful adjunct software.  It reminds me of so many smaller details that are lost and forgotten in life’s living.  New worlds and new ways of seeing and understanding can come from the use of those tools as well. 

Since I received my Associates degree in Photography in 2000, I have become a Certified Professional Photographer and earned my Master of Photography from Professional Photographers of  America.  I am currently working towards the Master Artist degree from Professional Photographers of America.

If you would like to commission a piece of photographic art, call or email through the Contact page and I will provide you with information specific to your needs.

Working with others to share my skills and understanding of photography is one of my greatest joys. If you would like to work with me in expanding your photography skills, send me a message through the Contact page and I will be in touch to discuss. 

PS…  Haile is pronounced “Hi – Lee” like the word “highly”.