Mandala Monday 11-12-12

Usually I like to create mandalas from images of nature.  I thought I would try something different this week.  If you read my last blog post about inspiration then you saw just a few of the images that I took while I was soaking up inspiration at a friend’s fiber studio.  It struck me that it might be interesting to see what sorts of mandalas come out of those fiber images that were so filled with colors and textures.  These are not like anything I have ever used before and the mandalas are so different also.  It’s fun to experiment.  I love the soft feeling in the wool batting.  The threads made into mandalas look very electric to me almost like neon signs.  What do you see?

4 thoughts on “Mandala Monday 11-12-12

  1. Chandra

    I love these, they look so cozy and soft, gentle and bright. The colors are so nice, dark and bright autumn colors. These are great!its nice to have the texture. I look forward to these every week;)

    1. gail Post author

      Thanks, Chandra! It’s good to know you look forward to them. I like having a “reason” to do them each week.

  2. Andi

    Gail -I love how you show the progression of “the stuff” in the image within the Mandala. It really shows how the beauty of these things from a different perspective. Thanks for this.

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