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Friday Finds: Jay Maisel

Jay Maisel is a photographer that I learned about when studying the history of photography in college.  So his work is not really new to me, though I hadn’t really spent time enjoying it in a long time.  And I did enjoy his work.  He has a very keen eye for details that would go unnoticed by many.


©Jay Maisel

What this Friday Find is really about is a video that I recently viewed in which Maisel talks about “How to Be a Better Photographer.”   If you’re not a photographer, don’t worry, it applies to simply being a human as well.    It’s a short video, only 2:43 minutes, but it is rich with wisdom.

Some of his advice:

“Be open.

Be open to what is in front of you.”

“Walk slow, slower that you’re walking.” 

“I’m trying no to look for anything.  I’m trying to have it come to me. “

Spend a few minutes looking at his work and listening to his advice.  It will be time well spent.

Jay Maisel website:

Jay Maisel on How to Be a Better Photographer:


Friday Finds: Ella Putney Carlson

Another Friday and the chance to share with you some work and artists, that inspire me.

Ella Putney Carlson is not a recent “Find” but a friend that I first met by sitting behind her in a Photoshop class about five years ago.  We’ve sat in several classes together since then and I am always inspired by her and her work.  Next week, I’m happy to be attending a class that she is teaching.

Five years ago when we first met, she had just completed a series of complex images with dancers.  I’d never seen anything like what she was doing and the skill with which she created those images was astounding.

From the Dancer Series - Ella Putney Carlson

From the Dancer Series – Ella Putney Carlson

Her more recent work is just as exquisite and shows her meticulous level of skill and vision. 

Scars Series by Ella Putney Carlson

Scars Series by Ella Putney Carlson

This is my favorite from the Scars series.  It’s so abstract, yet detailed.  I can look at it many times and see something different each time.  And it leaves me wanting to know more. 

From the Scars Series - Ella Putney Carlson

From the Scars Series – Ella Putney Carlson

The Reconsiderations series are all images of tea, highly manipulated.  

Reconsiderations Series - Ella Putney Carlson

Reconsiderations Series – Ella Putney Carlson

Ella inspires me with her amazing mastery of Photoshop and other digital imaging methods, I always learn something from her.  And yet, time and time again, she is sitting in a class to learn from  others.

I am most inspired by her unfailing quest to push herself and her work in new directions.

Spend some time with the works on her siteand see if you are inspired as well.

Friday Finds: Ruth A B Clegg

A couple of years ago, I attended a day long seminar in the Boston area.  Ruth Clegg was one of the three speakers.   I was inspired by her work and her approach to photography.  She incorporated printmaking into her world, not just the darkroom kind of photographic prints but the process of creating prints by making impressions on paper.   At the time, I’d never seen anyone do that with photography, only with stencils.  I loved the quality of those carefully crafted prints.

What also inspired me about Ruth’s work was her sense of experimentation.   A great deal of her time is spent on the water in Rhode Island as well as the Adirondacks.  She shared with us a project that she had been working on to photograph underneath the water while in her kayak.   I was excited to be able to see the result of the project recently at the View Center for the Arts in Old Forge, NY.    I loved the work so much, I’ve been to see it twice.

What inspired me about Ruth’s exhibit is the uncommon view she provided of a world we don’t normally see.  The quality of light in the images, as well as her choices for printing, were also fascinating to me.

If you are anywhere near Old Forge, NY, even within a 100 miles or so, treat yourself and see her exhibit before it closes October 16.  If you can’t make it in person, enjoy a selection of the images here.

View Art Center-Under & Over, exploration of Adirondack pond life. Ruth AB Clegg

View Art Center-Under & Over, exploration of Adirondack pond life. Ruth AB Clegg

Friday Finds: Patterns in the City

Lately, my Friday Finds posts have shared how other artists are working with patterns.  I discovered Patternicity recently and am intrigued with the project.  An industrial design student at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Yasemin Uyar, describes the Patternicity Project on her website :

“Patternicity is a 100 day project that I am working on as a part of my masters in branding at SVA.

Each day for 100 days, I am discovering patterns in overlooked noise through observation.

Besides telling a story, the representation of information has a huge influence on the decision making process. With this project, I am exercising how to see to discover, learn and tell. “


A sampling of patterns from Patternicity.

There are many reasons to be intrigued by Uyar’s project.

  • Of course, you know by now that I love patterns.
  • She also works in the way that I do to find these “patterns in overlooked noise through observation.”  She views it as an exercise in seeing,  Much of my work is about Seeing, finding what is right in front of us all along.
  • The varied colors and the beautiful presentation makes them a joy to view.
  • The simplicity of her presentation belies the complex process that she employs to develop them.  When you click on a specific pattern on her site, you are taken to a page that shows the genesis and process for that particular pattern.  For instance, the pattern titled  “WALKING ALONE OR IN GROUPS?”   The process is what was most intriguing for me.

Walking Alone or In Groups ©Yasemin Uyar

Enjoy some time looking over these lovely patterns.  I hope you find inspiration in the patterns and the process, as I have. 


Friday Finds: Patterns of Bark

Patterns are on the agenda for this Friday Find again, as last week.  As a lover of patters, I love to see how other people discover and portray patterns.

Cedric Pollet, a French botanical photographer and landscape architect, has created an amazing book, Bark: An Intimate Look at the World’s Trees   Yes, tree bark.  The images are stunning, rich with color and pattern.  His website has the bark images sorted by color; white, blue, pink, red, green, yellow.  Be sure to check them all here.

Cédric Pollet Green bark images

A selection of Pollet’s green bark images.

Again,bark is something we tend to dismiss as ordinary. Pollet had presented it in a way that we can see how extra-ordinary it really is. That always inspires me to be more aware in my world. 


Friday Finds: Food and Patterns

Patterns are intriguing to me.  They play a large role in much of my work.  So I’m always drawn to ways that patterns show up in other artist’s work or the world in general.

This Friday’s Find is a collaboration between photographer, Henry Hargreaves and stylist Caitlin Levin.   They collaborate on many projects (see them all here).

Their series that caught my attention were food scans with the food arranged in amazingly intricate patterns,  It also appears that some of the images are mirrored to enhance the pattern effect, though I can’t be sure.  See them all here.


Copyright Hargreaves and Levin

What I find interesting is the unique presentation of ordinary food items as well as a unique way of capturing that presentation, scans as opposed to camera..  The sheer beauty of the images goes beyond their ordinary-ness.

Friday Finds: What do you See?

What do you see?  Seems a simple enough question.  But sometimes, many times, we are so distracted by life that we don’t see life.  We don’t notice what is right in front of us, the amazing details, the small moments, all the little things that are really big things.  My Open to Delight series  is about being aware of those small details and moments.   One of my favorite quotes also reminds us to hone our See-ing muscles:

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  Henry David Thoreau 

So my Finds for this Friday are wonderful examples of the practice of Seeing.  They both have a similar theme but what’s great about them is the simplicity of the idea.  You can do this, too.

Kjell Bloch Sandved, a Norwegian photographer, has searched and found the entire alphabet in the wings of butterflies.  You can read and see more by clicking here.

Adam Voiland, noticed patterns and letters in satellite images and searched until he could see the entire alphabet in those images.  Read and see more here.

In 2009, before I had read about Sandved’s or Voiland’s projects, I found the alphabet in Switzerland over the course of a week’s visit.  SwissAlphabet, See

I hope one or all of these projects will inspire you to open your eyes and your mind and practice your ability to see.  

Friday Finds: Sources of Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us at all times and I am always watching for it.  The world is full of people, ideas, places that offer inspiration, ways of seeing the world with a different perspective.

I collect bits of inspiration in much the same way that I collect rocks wherever I go.   I also like to share, so have decided to start a Friday Finds post.  Each Friday I will share someone or something that makes me pause and inspires me to think and see in a new way.

You are probably aware that I love patterns.  (Just click on the word “Patterns” in the Tags list over on the right side of this page, and you’ll find all sorts of images of patterns.)  When I saw this article  about images that NASA just released of Mars, I was quite intrigued.  Image after image of the incredibly diverse surface of Mars.  I’ve never been that much into astronomy but all the colors and patterns were just amazing.  You can see all 44,176 images here One of my particular favorites is this one.  I just loved all the colors and unique designs.

So no images from me today.  Enjoy these scenes from another world.  What do they make you think of?

I’ll share more inspiration next Friday again.