Frozen Flowers: Works in Progress

My freezer is filling up with these blocks of ice lately.  Why?  Because one day in the winter, I had this random thought, “what would happen if I froze flowers and then photographed them?”  (It had been a very, very long winter and my mind was starved for inspiration. 🙂 )


Waiting to be captured

But sometimes, it pays to follow those seemingly strange inspirations.  Waiting for Spring (below) is an image from my first effort to freeze flowers and then photograph them.



Waiting for Spring is currently part of the Best of Botanicals, National Juried Photography Exhibition at PHOTO Gallery Oakland.  🙂  If you happen to be in the area, between now and  July 12, stop in and check out the exhibit.

Best of Botanicals-PHOTO Oakland 2014

Best of Botanicals-PHOTO Oakland 2014

As a last second, “oh what the heck” I also submitted Waiting for Spring to the Northeast District PPA Image Competition a few weeks ago.  Last week, it earned one of my highest scores ever in PPA competition.  Wahoo!

I’ll share more frozen flowers as I capture them.  For now, I’m stocking the freezer with blocks of ice holding the blooms of spring.

Have you ever had a “wierd” thought that turned out to be a good idea?

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