Hanging like the Clouds

Sometimes you just need to stop and hang for a while.

As an artist, never mind that, as anyone, there are ebbs and flows to our energy and our creativity.  I’ve learned over the years to not get overly anxious about times when the motivation seems thin.  It will pass.  Looking back, those quiet times have  often just been incubation periods for something new.

While out walking, I was looking up at the evening sky and the clouds and was reminded of a series of images I took several months ago with the intention of creating a cloud panoramic.  I found those images and created this scene that I had in mind when I shot those images.  It’s a very peaceful image to me and reminds me of the wisdom of just hanging out like the clouds sometimes.

Cloudscape   ©GSHaile

Cloudscape ©GSHaile Click to Enlarge

9 thoughts on “Hanging like the Clouds

  1. Christine G

    Yes! yes! Yes to hanging – especially since I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum right now.
    Beautiful picture that had me breathing a deep sigh of contentment – yay for refreshing breaks!
    I look forward to seeing/reading more.

  2. Cindy Belletete

    hi Gail,
    i have heard a lot about your photography from Aunt Ev, she sent me the website to see some of your photos, they are most remarkable.


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