Gratitude & Kind Words

My Gratitude:

I am ever grateful that my work is often what feels like play to my soul.

Gratitude and Kind words from others:

“I have worked with Gail as my mentor for three years. It has been a wonderful experience! I have grown as both a photographer and an individual. We have traveled to “play” with our cameras in the Adirondacks, the Finger Lakes and strolled around a couple of cities. It is always fun and always spiritual! Gail has an incredible eye and can feel sacred in the ordinary. She always brings out the best in me and celebrates the best in my photography! My ability “to see” an image has changed dramatically over the years of working together! Gail is calm, encouraging and extremely patient! She has a great sense of when to allow discovery and when to make gentle suggestions for improvement!” Nancy Zumpano

“I have been learning some new Photoshop skills under Gail’s guidance.  She is a teacher who is holding much knowledge while, at the same time, stepping back and allowing me to learn new skills by doing.  She has great patience.  I leave my lesson with some new skills to practice.  Mostly, however, it is the joy and enthusiasm that I take with me when I leave, which is my greatest delight.  I find her gentle influence enhances my life in unexpected ways, well beyond the scope of my photoshop fun.  I am awakening to a sense of ‘mindfulness in seeing’ and I love it!”  Jan Ferris

“Your work is stunning, very spiritual, emotive and zenlike.”   Bruce Heinemann

“These are much more than “just” cards — I hope you know — these are blessings of connection that wrap the receiver up in a special kind of warmth and renewal.”  Jane Louise Williams

“In regard to Ethereal Ember: I’ve seen this type of effect before, but honestly, not done this well. ”  Nancy Emmerich,  PPA Judge

“Everyone who sees my business portrait wants to know who the artist is. Her unique brilliance is being able to capture the inner light of her subjects and express that in her portraits.”  Michaela Rosenberger

“It amazes me how you are able to capture the true essence of a person’s personality in your work-even in a group shot! You are indeed a true professional as you are able to make your beautiful creations seem effortless.” MaryLou Lauchert

“Gail was wonderful to work with, and her photography is beautiful.” Emma Garcia

“Gail’s pictures are stunning in their crisp detail and depth of color. Overall this was an excellent experience and we came away with awesome photos which we will treasure for a lifetime. ” Cathy Reynolds

“I was stunned when I saw [my daughter’s] portrait… both at the amazing professional quality and how grown up my daughter was! Gail really captured something that expresses who my daughter was at that time.” Mary F Mathews

“Gail listened to me and worked with me until I was satisfied. This is the first time that I not only LIKED my pictures but I bought one of almost every outfit that I posed in! I use these pictures professionally for both work as a Chiropractor and as a singer.”  SherryAnne Lints (