Into the Forest: Mandala Monday 10/18/2013

This has been the most beautiful Autumn that I remember for some time.  Part of it was the weather, lots of sun and warmth and only occasional rain, but never a driving rain that stripped the color from the trees.   The other part, for me, was that I had, or intentionally made, the time to get out and enjoy and capture the color.  There have been some years when I have been so busy with portraits that I barely came up long enough to even notice that the trees were changing.   That is just an incredible loss on my part.  While it wasn’t the most colorful fall ever, I feel like it was the one I’ve been most present for in a few years.  Yes, it’s been a good fall!

Today’s mandalas, and those for the next few weeks, are created with my fall color images.  This one was taken along Penn’s Creek in Pennsylvania where we spent a day visiting family.  I love the way the colors seem to be just floating and not necessarily attached to any one tree.   And I love the mandalas, which are not at all what I expected from this image.  The original image is very painterly and soft to me.  The mandalas make me think of gnomes and fairies and other magical beings that , perhaps, live in the forest.  They make me think of the fairy tales that I loved as a child and the stories that took place in those magical forests.

What do you see in these images?  What do they make you feel?

6 thoughts on “Into the Forest: Mandala Monday 10/18/2013

  1. Andi

    There is something very sweet, soft, and weeping-inducing about these. All of them. I suppose because each one is a surprise all onto itself, and reminds me of the kindness of fall. Thanks, Gail.

  2. Millie Sigler

    They remind me of light, airy lace. The forest must have smelled wonderful on your walk that day! They also remind me of my neighbor’s granddaughter’s “fairy garden.” There weren’t any of those when I was six. If Sawyer is still into fairy gardens next summer (the fairy has gone to warmer climes for the winter), I’ll put some moss and tiny flowers in it. She still believes the “fairy” brings everything—not her mom, grandma, and grandma’s kooky neighbor (Me!).

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