Lace upon Lace: Mandala Monday 7/29/2013

It’s a two day “lull”  in between a week of fantastic schooling and a wonderful week of family visiting, so I’m going to keep the words to a minimum and let you just enjoy.

The source image you may recognize from Fourth Friday  post just a few days ago.  Queen Anne’s Lace branches are used to created more lace in the mandalas.

Enjoy and pay attention to the ordinary details this week.


2 thoughts on “Lace upon Lace: Mandala Monday 7/29/2013

  1. mary

    Just when you might think “there’s nothing left to do new with mandalas” Gail keeps blowing me away. First of all, I love queen ann’s lace. Second of all, the delicacy and depth in some of these is stunning.
    Thanks Gail… a visual “pick-me-up” every week!

    1. gail Post author

      So glad for the effect they have on people! And, yes, there seems to be no end to where they can go. They are still surprising me.

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