Nature’s Patterns: Mandala Monday 7-1-2013

Besides rocks and flowers there are a few large shells and such that I’ve been lucky enough to find when visiting more temperate climates.  A friend happened to notice one of the pieces of brain coral that inhabit the garden. In admiring the intricate patterns of the coral, and knowing well of my mandala creations, she  made an offhand comment about the mandala possibilities to be found in the coral.  Ah ha!  This week’s mandala’s source was revealed!

I cleaned the coral up a bit and took it into the studio on the lightbox to photograph.  Those patterns alone are enough to mesmerize me for hours.  I never fail to find wonder in the natural patterns that abound in our world.  So it almost seemed presumptuous to try to go any further.  But that’s the fun and the point, to see what might be revealed by the mandala process.

I also did a shot of the other side of the coral that had bits of pink embedded in it.  Next week, I’ll show you the mandalas that came from that image.

Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Nature’s Patterns: Mandala Monday 7-1-2013

  1. Millie Sigler

    These mandalas are awesome! Who’d have thunk it . . . Hubby and I would snorkel on Caribbean vacations. The sea is a whole different amazing universe with only the soft whisper and sway of the waves. How peaceful compared to our world above the surface. What if you cropped a portion of the mandala and framed it??? Might you have a new product?? Or make a new card? Actually, my guest bathroom sparked that idea. That’s another whole story. Are you going to workshop this summer?

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