Fine Art Cards

Inner Aperture Fine Art Cards

Centering words & images for every day moments or milestones

In an era which prizes the efficiency of the email and the text message, many of us long for slower communications, where words are weighed and the simplified and sentimental are passed over in favor of quiet, strengthening reflection.

Inner Aperture cards are made for such reflection, and for the many occasions that warrant it. Featuring carefully selected quotes & photographs that recall us to the mystery and grace of our world, you will find that whether you add one hundred words or one, these cards center and hearten.

The Inner Aperture card designs are almost all intentionally non-specific regarding occasion. The images and quotes allow a great deal of latitude to interpret their use, making each of these cards suitable for a great many situations. All images and designs are original creations. The mandalas are created using a process that Gail developed to create mandalas using her own original photographs. All other images are created by her, either in studio or on location in various places around the world.

IMPORTANT: Click on the image for each card to see a larger image as well as the back of the card and more detailed information about that specific design.

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