Sunflowers, By request: Mandala Monday 3-11-13

The mandalas last week were daisies in re-imagined form.  The source image was a very large single daisy (or maybe a white sunflower?) and the mandalas all seemed to be new definitions of what a daisy looks like.   Many people commented to me about those images and one actually requested that I try  to do that with a sunflower; the kind we normally think of as a sunflower, blazing golden-yellow and infinitely joy inducing.  In January, the mandalas here in this post  were sunflowers re-imagined.  In that case I, basically, only re-imagined the center, the face of the sunflowers.  Instead of that wonderful spiral, each face now had a new, intricate pattern.  But the petals, for the most part, remained in a halo around the center as opposed to last week’s daisies which sported entirely new petal designs that often bore no resemblance to a circle.  So, by request, here are a few new re-imagined sunflowers.  Of course, if a different source image was used, entirely different re-imaginings would emerge.  That’s the never ending joy of it!

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5 thoughts on “Sunflowers, By request: Mandala Monday 3-11-13

  1. Andi

    way good – and that’s the understatement of the year…. Really. I love these, and I thought I loved last week’s best. It allows me to see the parts of this flower differently and in a new way. It’s like rearranging the furniture in a room and suddenly you see the room, and all the pieces in it, differently and from a fresh perspective.

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