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And another Daisy: Mandala Monday 3/18/2013

The past two weeks, the mandalas have been re-imagined Daisies and Sunflowers.  Perhaps everyone else is as hungry for spring as I am, because those got a particularly good response.  As winter prepares at least one more punch tonight and the cold just won’t let up, spending a few minutes creating some new Daisy mandalas seemed like a good idea.  Also, a friend is having surgery tomorrow and she may consider these her personal  bouquet of warm wishes for healing.

Today, I decided to use basically the same, or same type of, section from the source image and see how that could result in different patterns.  So for each one, I used a portion that contained mostly petals and just a hint of the center of the flower.  I also expanded the background on the final mandalas, so that the black is not really part of the mandala anymore, merely the background that the re-imagined Daisy floats upon.  Enjoy!  Spring is almost here, but you won’t see these daisies in any garden. 😉

Daisy Re-imagined: Mandala Monday 03/04/2013

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a lovely couple of afternoons with my studio lights, a black velvet background, a couple of bouquets of flowers from the grocery store, and of course, my camera.  The weather was dreadful outside but my attention was fully focused on some luscious red tulips, some pale lavender daisies, and one very large daisy. I rarely, if ever, photograph a whole group of flowers, preferring instead to focus attention on one individaul flower, one part of that flower, or a unique perspective. It is intriguing, I find, to be able to show the flower in ways that we don’t typically experience it.

The large daisy was more like a white sunflower, about 5 inches across and a big puffy green center.  I’d never seen a daisy or sunflower exactly like this one. Since it was a grocery store bouquet, I couldn’t ask anyone what it was.  Online sleuthing hasn’t yielded an identification yet but I’ll keep looking. I didn’t take the images with the intention of using them for mandalas and I’ve yet to totally explore all the images I created in those afternoons.  When I was thinking about mandalas, though, I thought I’d see what would emerge from one of the daisy/sunflower images.

The re-imagined sunflowers from a few weeks ago were brought to mind when these mandalas emerged.  Easy one seems to be a completely new flower.  The quality of light, so different than what would normally occur in the garden, accentuates and defines the petals.  Normally, I don’t post all the mandalas that are created from an image, but I truly couldn’t chose favorites this time.  They were all intriguing and beautiful to me.  Do you have a favorite?  (Don’t forget that you can click on any image and it will enlarge so that you can better see all the details.)