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Found Mandalas: Mandala Monday 9/9/2013

Today’s not only later than usual (it is still Monday, though) but a bit of a different than usual take on mandalas.  I spent a wonderfully creative weekend with a couple of other photographers.  We truly just played and spent a lot of time saying, what if you do this or maybe that?

As I was going through the 625 images from the weekend and thinking about what I was going to do for Monday’s mandalas, a few of the images struck me as natural mandalas. So instead of my usual way of creating mandalas, I decided to just let these “be”.    The first and last are as I saw them, just cropped and presented in a way to enhance their “mandala-ness”.  The middle two are a result of my playing with motion.  I purposely moved the camera when I took the images.   With the stones, I duplicated it just once and flipped it around to mirror itself so that it would create a circle of the stones.

Where might you see mandalas in your everyday journeys?


More Fire: Mandala Monday 7-22-13

A few more fire mandalas this week.  (Did you see them last week?  If not, check them out here.)  This week’s source image didn’t have as many blue embers so they are  somewhat more monochromatic, though there’s still much to be seen within these.

Fire, air, water, and earth….it was suggested to me that I should do mandalas for the other 3 elements. I’ll have to think about how to accomplish that.



On Fire: Mandala Monday 7/15/2013

Inspiration can come at most any time. You just have to be open to recognizing it.  As many people do, nowadays, we have an outdoor fireplace.  From years of family camping, girl scout outings, church camp fire circles, as well as growing up in old houses that had at least 2 fireplaces, I’ve always loved sitting in front of a good fire.  So, a couple of weeks ago, on one of the few days lately when it wasn’t pouring rain, we were sitting in the evening in front of the fireplace.  As I was sitting contentedly watching the dancing flames  a thought came to me, “hmmm, what sorts of mandalas would come from a picture of those flames?”  I quickly ran in to my office and picked up my camera and headed back out to the fire to capture a few images.

Fire can be a tricky image to expose but I got several that had enough good detail in them so that I thought that they could be used for mandalas. Wow, I was so glad I listened to that little voice of inspiration!   These speak to me in so many ways, I still haven’t fully absorbed each one.  I hope  they do the same for you.