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Patterns of Yellowstone – Water

My favorite patterns in Yellowstone were those made by water.  In the last couple of posts, I’ve shared images of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, both panoramic images of the grand scenes as well as images of patterns created by the trees of those parks.

I am a water person.  Everything about water fascinates me and being near water connects with something deep in my soul.  Water is found in all forms in the parks from the snow and glaciers that cover the high peaks, to the rushing streams and waterfalls, to the steam rising from the hot springs.

Those hot springs provided some of the most interesting colors and patterns.  Some of the colors were present due to the minerals in the water, others were evidence of thermophiles that thrive in hot environments.   Whatever the source, I was fascinated with the gorgeous colors and patterns I saw.

I had a hard time choosing just a few water patterns, so next time I’ll share a few more.

Can you choose a favorite?

Frozen Flowers: Works in Progress

My freezer is filling up with these blocks of ice lately.  Why?  Because one day in the winter, I had this random thought, “what would happen if I froze flowers and then photographed them?”  (It had been a very, very long winter and my mind was starved for inspiration. 🙂 )


Waiting to be captured

But sometimes, it pays to follow those seemingly strange inspirations.  Waiting for Spring (below) is an image from my first effort to freeze flowers and then photograph them.



Waiting for Spring is currently part of the Best of Botanicals, National Juried Photography Exhibition at PHOTO Gallery Oakland.  🙂  If you happen to be in the area, between now and  July 12, stop in and check out the exhibit.

Best of Botanicals-PHOTO Oakland 2014

Best of Botanicals-PHOTO Oakland 2014

As a last second, “oh what the heck” I also submitted Waiting for Spring to the Northeast District PPA Image Competition a few weeks ago.  Last week, it earned one of my highest scores ever in PPA competition.  Wahoo!

I’ll share more frozen flowers as I capture them.  For now, I’m stocking the freezer with blocks of ice holding the blooms of spring.

Have you ever had a “wierd” thought that turned out to be a good idea?

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Revisiting Ireland: Second Look

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you might remember that I’ve been going into my archives and revisiting images that never got the proper attention that they deserved when they were first created.  I’ve been taking a second look.

Recently, I was asked if I might have any images from Ireland that would be suitable to decorate a family waiting room in a local nursing home.  A local family wanted to decorate this austere room in memory of their mother who recently passed away and simultaneously provide a warm, welcome environment where other families could visit.  Since the family had proud Irish roots, they thought an Irish theme to the room would create that welcoming atmosphere.

I’ve been to Ireland twice and both times have come home with thousands of images. Ireland is an image rich land and it is a photographer’s dream location. But, after the initial excitement of arriving home and downloading the images, life often takes over and I don’t have the time to thoroughly review and process all the images.  So, in preparing a selection of images for the nursing home, I had the pleasure of revisiting Ireland all over again.  And the gift of time gives me a different perspective regarding the images. That seemed to fit the bill of a second look, so I thought I would share a few of the images here.

If you are not a photographer, here is where I’m going to let you in on one of the industry’s acronyms, SOOC.  Well, I was going to tell you what it means but then thought it would be interesting to see if you can figure it out.  As you will see in this gallery of images, there is a “before” and an “after” image.  The “before” is without any processing or enhancements and the “after” is well, after.  I process the digital file to optimize the exposure and other settings (digital images are usually low in contrast and saturation in their original form), then do various enhancements to the image based on both my memory and my vision for the scene.  SOOC is the “before” image.  Any idea what that stands for?   Leave a comment with your guess below.  I’ll send a set of 4 Irish note cards featuring a few of these images to a randomly chosen person with the correct answer.

All of these images are available as prints in the Ireland collection here.

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Beach Glass: Mandala Monday

One of the things that I enjoy about creating mandalas is that they always seem to be more than the sum of their parts.  Today’s mandala is a wonderful example of that on so many levels.  A friend came to me with this idea a few weeks before Christmas.  For many years she had shared special time at the beach with friends.  Each year they would sift through the surf for bits and pieces of glass, remnants of other people’s time near the ocean.  This collection of sea glass had grown and represented all their memories and the bits and pieces of time and connections that held their friendship together.  She asked if I could make a mandala from an image of some of the sea glass.  Her friend arranged and photographed the glass and sent her the image.  She and I sat down and started playing with the image and creating mandalas.  We made about five before this one that finally seemed to hold the energy that she felt about the glass and all it represented.  I remembered that I had some images of sand, so we pulled those up and placed the mandala on the sand, returning the glass, in a manner, to the beach where they had found it.  But it was now something new, something more.

Our lives are made up of seemingly random bits and pieces but the patterns that those bits and pieces create can be beautiful if we allow ourselves to see.

I wish for all a New Year filled with a sense of wonder and appreciation for those ordinary moments, the bits and pieces, the connections that make up our lives.

Into the Forest: Mandala Monday 10/18/2013

This has been the most beautiful Autumn that I remember for some time.  Part of it was the weather, lots of sun and warmth and only occasional rain, but never a driving rain that stripped the color from the trees.   The other part, for me, was that I had, or intentionally made, the time to get out and enjoy and capture the color.  There have been some years when I have been so busy with portraits that I barely came up long enough to even notice that the trees were changing.   That is just an incredible loss on my part.  While it wasn’t the most colorful fall ever, I feel like it was the one I’ve been most present for in a few years.  Yes, it’s been a good fall!

Today’s mandalas, and those for the next few weeks, are created with my fall color images.  This one was taken along Penn’s Creek in Pennsylvania where we spent a day visiting family.  I love the way the colors seem to be just floating and not necessarily attached to any one tree.   And I love the mandalas, which are not at all what I expected from this image.  The original image is very painterly and soft to me.  The mandalas make me think of gnomes and fairies and other magical beings that , perhaps, live in the forest.  They make me think of the fairy tales that I loved as a child and the stories that took place in those magical forests.

What do you see in these images?  What do they make you feel?

Birch Leaf: Mandala Monday 9/30/2013

So did you guess what the mandalas were created from last week?  The first image in today’s gallery was the source image of an apple that was used for  those mandalas.  That wasn’t too hard was it?

One last image from my Lake Ontario weekend  was used for today’s mandalas, and I won’t make it a mystery this time. 🙂

This birch leaf was perched on the ever present rock ledges along the shore and the tones of the green and grey as well as  the multiple textures in both the leaf and the rock appealed to me.  Those qualities did, indeed, make for some interesting patterns.  What do you see in these mandalas?


Just a note…perhaps you noticed that I did not have a Fourth Friday post this past week.  That is because I was away for the week on a retreat.  Not only was I busy “playing” (almost 1400 images!) but there was very limited internet access so posting would have been difficult.  I thought I would wait and post just a few of those 1400 at the end of this week.  We’ll make it First Friday this time, so you can look forward to that. 🙂

Have a great week!

Looking up: Mandala Monday 8/26/2013

You never quite know where inspiration will show up.   A couple of weeks ago when I went for my workout with my trainer, it was a lovely morning so she decided we would work out on the deck.  I’d never thought to do that at home on my deck, which just happens to be one of my favorite spots in the whole world.  For me, our deck is truly a peaceful oasis set up in the trees like a tree house.   So later that week, when I went to do my morning routine, I headed for the deck.  As I lay down to start and looked up I was treated to a most interesting scene of the sun dancing it’s way through the many, many layers of maple leaves and a clear blue sky beyond. The light and shadow moved around within the mass of identically shaped green leaves gently dancing  in the soft breeze.  After I simply enjoyed the patterns for a few minutes (all while continuing my workout of course) I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and playing around with different exposures to capture a few images of the scene.   Using these patterns to make mandalas enhances that play of light and dark green against the blue sky.  All because I was looking up.


In the Blueberries: Mandala Monday 8/19/2013

I love blueberries.  They are part of my breakfast 4 or 5 days a week most of the year. So when blueberry season comes around I make sure to stock up and freeze plenty.  So why have I never picked blueberries?  Not really sure why, but I fixed that this week by picking 3 times.  A friend has a wonderful organic blueberry farm and bed and breakfast called Blueberry Brooke.  A few pictures were in order and I thought it would be fun to see what a blueberry mandala might look like.