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April Blog Circle: Favorite Quotes

It’s blog circle time again, when I link up with creative women and their blogs from all over the world.  This month we are all writing about out favorite quotes.  Should be interesting!  At the end of this post follow the link to the next blog in the circle.

Anyone who knows me, would know that asking me to choose a favorite quote is a tall order.  I’ve been collecting quotes for as long as I can remember.  A Kahlil Gibran book that was given to me for high school graduation, traveled to college with me and now sits on a bookshelf overflowing with 3×5 index cards with quotes typed on them.  There’s a a red journal from the 90’s in which  I carefully hand wrote quotes that crossed my path and I wanted to remember.   As the computer and the internet became a larger and larger part of mine and everyone’s life, collecting quotes became even easier.  As long as I’ve had a computer, I’ve had a folder with documents full of quotes that I’ve stumbled upon in my reading or travels.  Right now, there are five separate folders labeled “Quotes” on my computer(no idea why there’s 5) and quote documents labeled motivational, peace, photo, birthday, graduation, garden, light, heart, number, now, grandparents, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010,  and one giant, ever expanding, 26 page document  named “quotes for cards” that I’ve been dumping most quotes into the past 2 years to possibly use for my Inner Aperture note cards.  (Clearly I need to do some organizing and purging here. )

To name a favorite quote, I would probably say it would depend on the topic.  But that  is the challenge for this month’s blog circle…What is your favorite quote? I’m still going to “cheat” a bit and pick two.

The first quote, I include because it pretty much sums up my philosophy of  life:

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

My kids and husband would tell you that I’ve always said it’s about the journey, not just the destination.  That applied and still does to day to day life as well as the grand themes in life.  Going on family vacations was just as much about the route we traveled to and from and what we would do and see along the way as it was about the place we were headed.  It’s not surprising that one of the first Inner Aperture cards I designed included that quote.


The Journey Matters



The second quote I’ve chosen is one that is my constant thought as an artist and photographer but it is important for everyone:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

More than ever, we are inundated with images of our world.  We can get immune to what’s around us because we think we’ve seen it all before.  We run the risk of getting to a place where nothing surprises or delights us any more.  We see a place or a person, and think, oh yeah, I know this.  What I strive to do as an artist and photographer is capture subjects in ways we haven’t seen or noticed before and in so doing show others what else there is to see and experience if you just see with “new eyes”.

I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Switzerland quite a bit since we have family living there. I love to photograph that beautiful country. Two things could come into play if I didn’t constantly remember Proust’s words.  First there is no limit to the amazing grand images of Switzerland and secondly, having been there quite a few times, it might be easy to think I (or someone else ) have already captured all there is.  So given those two things, why bother?  Because there is so much more if we just see with “new eyes” and that applies wherever you are.

I don’t have a card with Proust’s words on it (hmm, perhaps I need to remedy that) but I thought I would share with you something I created on one of my first trips to Zurich, The Swiss Alphabet.  It was a really fun exercise in slowing down and paying attention to details that normally would be overlooked, seeing with those “new eyes”.

As you go about your days, working, playing, traveling, interacting with people, be it family, friends, or strangers, try to remember Proust’s words and  have “new eyes”.


To continue around the blog circle head over to the Pacific Northwest in the USA with Debi Minter,  a mixed media artist :   https://dbminter.blogspot.com/

Good Overwhelms

Today I am joining a blog circle comprised of some amazing, creative women from all over the world.  In deference to February, we have chosen the topic of Love.  Each blog post will be thoughts and musings on that same topic, each from the perspective of a different creative soul.  How’s that for an uplifting way to spend a bit of time… traveling across the globe reading about love?

Love is a pretty huge topic to tackle in so many ways.  My thoughts are always more visual than verbal so I decided to express an aspect of love in that way.  You may know that I have a collection of Inner Aperture note cards that feature carefully selected quotes and images whose purpose is to inspire, strengthen, uplift, center the receiver.   For this post, I have designed a new Inner Aperture card that expresses my philosophy on our ability to share our love with the world.  I’ve always felt that what we do day to day, minute by minute, right in our immediate surroundings with the people who are part of those moments has great potential to make a difference in the world.  If each person were to slow down and do good, share love, right where they are, the world would, indeed, be a better place.  Large acts of love, yes, are important but  too often we dismiss and grossly undervalue how much a kind word, a smile, a gentle touch, can make a difference to someone.

I chose to use this Lichen Mandala that I created a few weeks ago for Mandala Monday because it portrays a very ordinary, everyday thing, lichens on a tree.  They are quite common and ordinary but exquisitely beautiful when you really look at the colors and the patterns.  When transformed into a mandala, that beauty is multiplied and spreads off the edge of the mandala.  It seemed the perfect mandala, along with the wonderful quote from Desmond Tutu, to express how significant and, yet, so simple it can be for us to share our love with the world.


Good Overwhelms_©GSHaile

To continue the blog circle, head over to Jean Wagner’s blog , A Change of Art.

Enjoy your blog travels around the world and surround yourself and those around you with love!


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Non-Mandala Monday 12-17-12

If you’ve been anticipating today and the usual mandalas, I apologize. Given the tragic shooting that occurred on Friday in Connecticut  I haven’t been particularly inspired to create any mandalas or even dig out any old ones. It somehow felt inappropriate or inadequate.  I can only offer this image and quote which is the front of one of my note cards and the sentiment that I kept thinking about all weekend, from the very wise Mr. Rogers, “There are times when explanations, no matter how reasonable, just don’t seem to help.”

Explanations Don't Help

Threads of Thanks


This is the new “child” in my family of fine art note cards called Inner Aperture.  It often feels like these cards call to be born and that was the case with this one yesterday.   I had much on my to do list, but the list sat forlornly on my desk while this card design slowly emerged. You may recognize the mandala from a Mandala Monday a few weeks ago.  I liked the idea of the threads of thanks that continually reached out and multiplied.  I wish for everyone, the world round, many reasons to give thanks and “happiness doubled by wonder”.  Happy Thanksgiving!

 Click on the image to see it larger.  If you’d like to share this with others, please do so by simply sharing the link to this blog page.