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Sparkling Mandalas: Mandala Monday

Lately, I’ve been digging in to my archives of images. ¬†I came across this one, taken after a 2 foot snowfall, on a bright sunny day (a rare combination in these parts ūüôā ). ¬†The snow was particularly light and fluffy and the sun sparkled off it, almost illuminating each individual snowflake. ¬†This one bush was still hanging on to it’s leaves, leaves that looked almost skeletal, and each leaf had a little sparkling snow cap. ¬†These snowy mandalas capture a bit of that same feeling.

First Snowfall: Mandala Monday

A few years ago, I captured this tree after the first heavy, wet snowfall just prior to Christmas. ¬†As I was getting in the Christmas mode yesterday, all of a sudden I realized I’d almost forgotten about this post. ¬†And I hadn’t created any mandalas yet (at least not ones that I could share just yet). ¬†For some reason I thought of this image of the snowy tree and began to play around with it. ¬†I think I had used to make just one mandala when I was first figuring out how to make them, but have never created any more with this image. ¬†As usual, some pleasant surprises were hidden there.

Mandala Monday 11-26-12

It finally snowed here this weekend.  Last Thursday it was more like a late spring day and family members were actually eating their Thanksgiving dinner out on the deck.  For Central NY State that is extremely unusual.  By Saturday afternoon, however, normal had set in and it was starting to snow and has continued ever since.   So these mandalas seemed fitting for this blustery snowy day.

In August, we visited our daughter and her family in Switzerland and one of the day trips we took was to see the Rhone Glacier , the source of the Rhone River, high (very, very high ) up in the Alps.  A cave has been carved out of the glacier so that you can actually walk into it and be enveloped by it’s silent frigid atmosphere.  The patterns and textures of the glacial ice were just beautiful and I took quite a few images not really sure what I would do with them.

As you can see in the original source image there is not a great amount of detail or contrast in the image but still you can almost ‚Äúfeel‚ÄĚ the cold. ¬†So I wondered what sorts of mandalas this icy image would create.¬† I do think they are appropriate as the icy, snowy weather blows down upon us.

I must admit I am not a fan of winter but the beauty of these pleases me nonetheless.  Are you happy to see winter arrive in your part of the world?

I’d love for to to share this with others. ¬†Please copy this link to share: ¬†¬†https://hailefinephotography.com/2012/11/mandala-monday-11-26-12/